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Kyra Kim     28 August 2017 16:47 |
Excellent massage therapist! Would highly recommend her to anybody!

Matt daeseleer     23 August 2017 17:48 | North hills
Natalya was very professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed before we even started..she knows how to remove stress and I will be recommending her to all my friends..

Mark Baker     22 August 2017 20:36 | Santa Clarita, CA
Natalya is a true professional. She provided the best therapeutic massage I have ever experienced. Her studio is extremely comfortable and she has a way of building a very nice rapport. Prior to the massage, she explained exactly what she was going to do, and was very engaged in learning what, if any, were my problem areas and where she might need to focus a bit more attention. I will most definitely be back to see her. You can be very comfortable booking a professional massage with Natalya.

Larry     14 August 2017 17:31 |
Natalya provided the beast massage I've had...ever! She accommodated my nutty schedule, immediately built a safe and trusting relationship, was attentive to my needs and provided a healing, therapeutic, soothing techniques that worked out all the kinks and knots. The light stretches opened me up, and I felt a couple inches taller...and even lighter after she was done. I swear I was floating when I stepped off the table. I am looking forward to my next appointment!

Galen     12 July 2017 13:21 | Santa Clarita
This was my first time getting a massage and Natalya made it perfect! She is very professional and knowledgeable. Without a doubt I will be back!

Jeff Watkins     14 May 2017 14:55 | Saugus
I had my 1st massage with Natalya. The environment was clean and relaxing. I have been in pain for 5 weeks now Natalya was professional and skilled at knowing where to work on me to start getting rid of the knots I am looking forward to more sessions to become pain free

Roman     01 May 2017 22:01 |
I've been to countless massage therapists and this is THE one I really enjoy.I am a runner and frequent traveler so injuries, jet legs and busy lifestyle took a toll out of me. I can appreciate an outstanding massage and boy oh boy, it has been quite an experience! Natalya is a wonderful, caring and knowledgeable professional. Amazingly after the session I became..a new me! It has been an amazing, rejuvenating and uplifting experience rarely found in other massage joints. Natalya is the best thing happened to my back in a long time! Without saying she will be the ONLY massage therapist for me and my fellow runner buddies and friends.Thanks, Natalya, you are a rare treasure in Santa Clarita!

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