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Gary Paye     15 January 2015 23:51 | Santa clarita
Thanks Natasha! I really enjoyed the massage.especially the hot stones.I left very much relaxed and with less stress.

Lynne     24 December 2014 13:36 | Santa Clarita
Thank you, Natalya, for a wonderful massage. The entire experience was terrific, including the hot stones (!), back muscle pain went away! Yay!

Sean H.     16 December 2014 19:33 | Natalia's Studio
Great message! My neck felt so much better the next day and slept very good that night. The hot stones were amazing.

Collette     25 November 2014 15:40 | Santa Clarita
Natalya is amazing! I had a two hour massage and walked out feeling incredibly relaxed. Her studio is clean, tranquil and very relaxing. She used hot stones and was very attentive to the areas that needed a massage the most. I highly recommend her services.

Dean     24 November 2014 16:14 |
I saw Natalya on a quick trip to California. Stress had my back muscles tight and in pain. Not only was Natalya gracious enough to fit me in at the very last minute, she also did an amazing job of healing my pain! My massage was an hour and 20 minutes of much needed relaxation and stress relief. The hot stones were a first for me, but what a difference they made! Even if you're not in as much pain as I was, I highly recommend this massage for the relaxation alone. I'm already looking forward to my next trip to CA! Thanks Natalya!

geoffskinner     06 November 2014 16:01 | United States
I found out about SCM on Yelp. The reviews looked good, so I wanted to give it a shot. About me: I'm not a regular massage-getter, but I have had a few over the years, ranging from the cheapie 15-min foot massages (which can be fantastic), to a few of the Thai massage places that litter the valley, to Burke Williams which is as much of an experience as it is a massage. So, after setting an appt with Natalya who works out of a home studio, I checked out her website, found out that she's won numerous awards, and has been working out of the SCV since 2000.

Bottom line for me - it was the best massage I've ever had. Those award-givers have it right on the money. I got the Santa Clarita Massage (I think that's the combo's name) and it was just spectacular. Her years of experience really come through when she's working out those knots. I was very, very impressed and will definitely be going back, and I'm encouraging my wife to do the same (she's a big fan of Burke Williams, but I think she's going to love Natalya).

Highly recommended if you're in the area. Make sure you call ahead to see if she's free for an appointment - it's not a stop-by-anytime place.

Christine     21 October 2014 19:58 | Santa Clarita
I loved my massage! I contacted Natalya after feeling major back pain due to stress. My lower back and neck and shoulders were extremely tight and stiff. Natalya listened to my needs and went to town! I've been to Burke Williams, Glen Ivy and other high- end spas. By far, Natalya was the best. She is my new massage therapist.

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