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Dorothy Rust     11 November 2015 13:04 | Santa Clarita
Natalya helped my achy 91 year old body a great massage and I felt better right away. She also has a soothing and cosy studio with hot stones,music and scented candles all very soothing. I am looking forward to my next massage.

Ruth     26 October 2015 18:14 | Santa Clarita California
Natalya was just amazing! She was knowledgeable and had expertise...will be back...had the first night of sound sleep in months.

Emerald Thompson     21 October 2015 20:28 | CAMARILLO
Natalya was awesome. I was sceptical about traveling and hour away for a massage but it was well worth the travel. I feel so much more relaxed. I received a pregnancy massage and it was the best massage I've gotten yet.

Joanna Pendleton     20 October 2015 12:37 | Canyon Country
I was given a gift certificate from my grown children to get a massage from Natalya. I didn't expect such a wonderful experience! Natalya is a truly professional massage therapist. She knows how to provide a beautiful, clean, peaceful environment, and she gives a massage that is an unforgettable treat! I wish I could see her more frequently.

Bonny     19 October 2015 14:38 | Santa Clarita
One of the best massages that my mother ever received. She felt so much better after seeing Natalya.

Hope to see her again soon. Highly recommend Natalya for anybody with back problems.

Jesse Vera     19 September 2015 17:29 |
This was the first time I have ever gotten a massage. I was really anxious about having one, but after running for many years I muscles really needed something else besides foam rollers. Natalya was great. She was sweet and made me feel really comfortable. The massage was great, but it is hard to compare since it was my first. Overall, it was a pleasant and relaxing experience. I really recommend that you go and get a massage by Natalya.

Annemarie     13 August 2015 18:55 |
Natalya provides a clean and calming environment that is very welcoming. I had a massage mixed with hot stones, which was a first for me. They felt really good and helped to loosen up my muscles. I tend to hold a lot of stress in my shoulders and have a few big knots that Natalya was able to target and I already feel more relaxed and lighter. She is both professional, and warm, and I can't wait for my next session!

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