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John     06 March 2016 15:09 | Santa Clarita
Probably the best massage I ever had by far. It was very professional and she combined a lot of techniques to accommodate my needs. Deep tissue to hot stone massage. It was very relaxing and therapeutic. I'm looking forward to many more massages and I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

Rick Baker     06 March 2016 12:19 |
Have had a problem with rotator tendinitis for a long time. Have tried other massage therapists. After my first visit shoulder is tender, but feels the best it has I quite some time. Natalia is the tru professional.

Jack     21 February 2016 21:26 | Santa Clarita
Thank you Natalya for relieving the tension in my shoulders and lower back...your studio is a Santa Clarita oasis.

Steve     10 February 2016 19:31 |
You cannot find a more Amazing, Professional Therapist than Natalya!
The only way to find out is to book a session with her and see for yourself.
You won't be disappointed!

Simone     08 February 2016 21:16 | Santa Clarita
What a find - Santa Clarita Massage (and Natalya) were game changers for me, and my aches and pains. I rate the experience, "off-the-chart!" A remarkable and enlightening adventure. A must do for anyone needing the magic touch.

Lucien     15 January 2016 13:04 |
I cannot begin to describe what a benefit it was for me to see Natalya, so i will describe why will return for another visit. I am someone who has been very athletic my entire life and who, as a result, sustained joint pains and a lot of tension in my larger muscle areas. Natalya was able to loosen my muscles and apply the right amount of pressure to relieve some of the knotted sections throughout my back and shoulders. Also, the stretches she pulled off for my ankle and neck pain really made me breathe easier and have a tension free couple of days. I will be visiting her again because she was very sweet and professional with a lot of helpful tips for relieving stress. Thank you again Natalya.

Justin     24 December 2015 13:19 | Valencia
had one of the most relaxing massage from Natalya in such a long time. She offers warm stones and paraffin wax for your hands and feet and I definitely took advantage of that. Since her massage I have felt amazing ever since. I also have felt super relaxed for the rest of the week as well. I definitely will be coming back and I highly recommend her. She is also very kind and sweet and she listens to you and what you need as far as a massage. Go see her.

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