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All massages start on schedule, so please be 5 to 10 min before. Please be aware that arriving late may result in a reduction of your time as a courtesy to our next client.

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ROGERMD     10 October 2008 12:52 |
Super relaxing atmospere, nice music, soothing yet firm massage! Hot Stones the Best!

superjoeeats     10 October 2008 12:51 |
Very excellent masseuse.

scottvtr     10 October 2008 12:51 |
Natalya provides a very relaxing atmosphere and an excellent Professional massage. I always come away feeling rejuvenated and my aches and pains are gone.

richiebaby13     10 October 2008 12:51 |
I've been going to Nataly for years. I do triathlons and have much stress from long hours of being a movie producer. she is the most effective and wonderful massage therapist. Ive been to many!

darcy12     10 October 2008 12:50 |
Natalya is an amazing massage therapist!! I absolutely LOVE her massages--she has amazingly strong hands and has a very relaxing manner to her. I always feel so great after each massage.

FPM_Godfather     10 October 2008 10:53 |
Natalya's massage skill and technique in my opinion is the very best in around. I have had a massage or two a month with various massage therapists over the last 8 years and have found no one who compares to the massage I have had with Natalya at Santa Clarita Massage. Her ability to pinpoint areas in need of work is incredible; her ability of releasing deep muscle tension is also incredible. I would recommend Natalya to anyone in need of real professional massage.

kendog171     09 October 2008 12:50 |
Great massage

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