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All massages start on schedule, so please be 5 to 10 min before. Please be aware that arriving late may result in a reduction of your time as a courtesy to our next client.

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Breana     22 October 2016 11:07 |
Natalya is fantastic. I came into my session tense, stressed out, and overwhelmed from my day. Within an hour I was WAY more relaxed both mentally and physically. My aches and pains were all but gone. Her energy is very soothing and grounded, she knows how to treat the body and mind both! Loved the addition of aromatherapy.

Nina     25 September 2016 14:47 | CA
Natayla was nothing short of amazing , her work and my experience with her was priceless. Her professionalism and services are something I would highly recommend to anybody! For months I was having back and neck problems and Natayla did nothing less than reverse the problems I was experiencing! I'm so grateful for my experience - it was highly appreciated!!

Phil Sims     02 September 2016 03:14 | Chicago
Natalya is AMAZING and she is the kind of person who genuinely cares about what she does and you'll ALWAYS be happy with her service.

Hank     23 August 2016 18:18 | Newhall
Simply amazing. Never felt so relaxed after a massage. 5stars

Steve     15 August 2016 08:02 |
You cannot find a more Amazing, Professional Therapist than Natalya!
The only way to find out is to book a session with her and see for yourself.
You won't be disappointed!

Max     31 July 2016 17:02 | Valencia
It was very great experience. Truly relaxing and muscle pain relive. Every, physically hard working person, should do it at least once in a month. Thank you

Tom Kukura     22 July 2016 12:27 | Santa Clarita
Outstanding service! Nalalya is very professional! She is absolutely the best! Definitely recommend!!

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